Spouse Application- Entry Clearance


This visa is for applicants who want to come and to join, for 6 months or more, a partner or family member who’s living in the UK permanently.


To be eligible

  1. Your family member must be a British citizen, have a settled status in the UK or have asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK
  2. You must be aged between 18 and 30 years
  3. Your relationship to your family member is genuine and recognised in the UK, e.g. your marriage is legal in your country
  4. You intend to continue living with your family member or partner in the UK after you apply (unless you’re a parent who has access to the child)
  5. You and your family will have an adequate place to live in the UK
  6. You can prove your knowledge of English by passing a test at an approved test centre. You need to get at least CEFR level A1.
  7. You must prove that any previous relationships you or your partner had are permanently broken down.
  8. You must be one of the following:
  • married or civil partners
  • living together in a relationship for 2 years
  • engaged to be married or to become civil partners

      9. You must also meet the financial requirement of:

  • £18,600 per year if you’re applying only for yourself
  • £22,400 per year for you and one child
  • £2,400 per year for each additional child
Visa fees

Visa fee
Handling fee

Please note our handling fees are inclusive of VAT. Visa fees are advisory and you will need to pay them directly to UK immigration office.