Indefinite Leave to Remain (Tier 2)


This application is for those who want to stay in the UK without any time restrictions. ILR is only granted after an applicant has already been in the UK for a certain period of time. . An individual will need to have spent 5 years’ residence requirement before gaining a right to apply.


An applicant who is currently on Tier 2 and applying for ILR must-


  1. Have spent 5 years living in the UK legally
  2. have a knowledge of Life in the UK
  3. still be needed for the job being carried out for his employer
  4. meet the salary threshold for the role being occupied
  5. satisfy the suitability requirements- e.g. no criminal convictions
  6. Not have spent more than 180 days in any 12 consecutive months outside the UK
  7. Not have overstayed their visa/period of leave except by a period of 28 days
Visa fees

Certificate fee
Handling fee

Please note our handling fees are inclusive of VAT. Visa fees are advisory and you will need to pay them directly to UK immigration office.