About us

Regent Visas is a professional, dynamic company with a fresh approach to customer service.  With over 20 years of combines experience we offer a one stop visa and UK immigration service.

Regent UK Immigration is a division of Regent Visas, responsible for providing UK immigration advice and making applications for all UK visas on their client’s behalf.  We are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at level 3 (the highest level) and provide end to end support for all UK immigration applications irrespective of the complexity. Our consultants have over 12 years combined experience in providing UK immigration advice and support for a broad range of visa applications to the United Kingdom.

At Regent UK Immigration, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer care. We take a unique approach to each case, and ensure we provide dynamic solutions to our client’s needs. Our proactive solutions to our corporate client’s immigration needs ensure that their global mobility and day to day business continues seamlessly.

We offer a range of UK immigration private and corporate immigration services ranging from sponsor licence applications, mock audits to ensure compliance, tier 2 visas, dependant visas, business visas and other work based and family visas.